Leadership & Executive Coaching Services

If you are a business leader, or an entrepreneur, or a senior executive in a corporate house, and you are looking for growth in your business and as an individual person, you may as well call for coaching support to help you achieve your goals. You can develop your leadership skills and competencies in guiding your business and your team to the desired objectives and goals. 

As a Leadership & Executive Coach

I support business leaders and entrepreneurs in developing leadership skills and competencies, specifically in the areas of 

a) developing vision, mission and strategy for implementation thereof

b) focussing on team building, team interactions and aligning these with business goals

c) assessing emotional intelligence and building relationship management capabilities

d) developing personal effectiveness in communication, time management, conflict resolution, stress management, assertiveness, work-life balance, etc.

e) changing behavioural styles and other leadership effectiveness areas

As a Business Mentor

As a business mentor, I work with entrepreneurs, including start-up ventures, as well as business leaders to support them in

  • assessing entrepreneurial styles covering mindsets, social preferences and work styles to plan for development areas for the leader
  • developing business plans, business model review and creating growth strategies 
  • business performance metrics development and bench-marking to improve operating efficiency 
  • strategic financial management including business structuring/restructuring, cost effectiveness strategies and operating cash flow management tools
  • identifying financial accounting policies and in transition to IFRS or IndAS standards

As a Corporate Trainer

I conduct workshops on business related programmes, e.g. Finance for Managers, Working Capital & Cash Flow, Pricing Strategies, Business Acumen, etc., and have conducted in-house training workshops with various leading organisations, such as, Mitsui & Co., Philips India, Hindalco, Hindustan National Glass, ISB, Hyderabad, C.I.I. Kolkata, Alstom T&D, TCG Lifesciences, etc., as well as many open-to-public programmes.

Please email me at or at and/or call me at +91 98300 67256.

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